How do I know counselling is right for me?
Lots of people seek counselling for all sorts of different reasons. You may be experiencing low mood or depression, relationship problems, loss or bereavement or just be feeling a little lost. You may simply be looking to gain further self awareness and continue your personal development.

If you are considering counselling, you may have an inkling that, with some support, you could feel better and overcome difficulties. Alternatively you may feel very skeptical about counselling and whether it will help at all. However you feel is completely okay – I offer an initial consultation in order for you to bring all your questions, doubts and hopes to the table and decide whether you want to work with me.

Is it confidential?
Confidentiality is incredibly important and this will be discussed in full when you come to your initial consultation so that you understand any limits to confidentiality.

Are you a registered counsellor?
Yes. I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy and adhere to their ethical frame work.

How long do sessions last and how often do they take place?
The initial consultation last for 50 minutes as so ongoing sessions.

How many sessions will I need?
There is no set number of sessions and you may not know how long you would like to continue with counselling when you first begin. We would usually agree to a minimum of four sessions to begin with and then review as and when is helpful. Therapy may be short term or continue for a number of months or years.

Where are you based and is there parking?
I am based in Frome, Somerset, not far from the town centre. Parking is on street or in public car parks so it may be worth giving yourself a few extra minutes to get here in order not to feel rushed when you arrive. I will send you further helpful information regarding location and parking before your initial consultation.

How much does it cost?
Each session is charged at £60. This can be paid in cash or by bank transfer and payment is taken at the beginning of each month.

I’ve tried counselling in the past, is it worth trying again?
Some people may have tried counselling before and felt that the process or the counsellor wasn’t quite right for them. If this is you, it can sometimes feel challenging to give it another go. Alternatively you may have worked with a counsellor previously and found it really helpful but might be daunted about developing a new counselling relationship. Whatever the case, I welcome your honest feelings about the process and any concerns you may have about trying it again.